PokerMatch app

Over a short period of its existence, PokerMatch has attracted a large number of users from all over the world. To keep everyone comfortable, PokerMatch offers a convenient and fast gaming experience both online and in the official app. Below is a full overview of the PokerMatch app and its features for players.


System requirements for the PokerMatch app

To ensure that the online poker room app runs quickly and smoothly, the technical team has prescribed minimum and average recommended values for the operating system of the devices.

Application for computer

Consequently, when downloading PokerMatch as an application to your computer – at a minimum, it is best to have the operating system Windows 7 and above, a processor with Intel Pentium 800 MHz, at least 256 MB of memory, and 50 MB of hard disk space, and the screen extension can be limited to 1024·768 pixels.

With these figures, your computer will deliver a high-quality, crisp picture without too many pixels and freezes in the process: operating system Windows 7 or higher; processor Intel Celeron dual-core 2000 MHz+; operative memory of 2 GB or higher, and the hard drive memory must be at least 500 MB; a video card from NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with 256+ MB memory and 1280·720 screen or more pixels.

For smartphones

If you do decide to install the app on your phone and want to know if your gadget has enough power for a good game, we leave you with the technical figures for the mobile base:

  • For the Android operating system – Android 7.0 and above with 2+ GB of memory and access to Chrome or any installed browser is best.
  • For iOS – a system starting with iOS 13, a basic Safari browser and, ideally, 2+ GB of memory would be best (by device, this is from iPhone 6S and above).

If your device meets the requirements, the app will work correctly. Download the Pokermatch app and enjoy your favorite games wherever and whenever you like.

Where to download it?

To download, you can either use the official website or find the app using the system's marketplace: Play Market or App Store. It is also possible to search for download pages in your browser. A simple query for "Download pokermatch" will bring up many pages of this feature. We recommend downloading the application only from official resources – this way you will protect your device from viruses or personal data leakage.

For your convenience, we leave you with a link to the "App" tab of the official website, where the function to download the app is divided into subcategories depending on which smartphone or computer you want to install it on. Our goal was to simplify the technical installation process as much as possible so that the user can finally join the desired gameplay.

How to download Pokermatch on Android

In order to download the online casino app on Android – we suggest opening the official page of PokerMatch, finding the tab "Application" and the sub-item "Poker App Android". Click, then go through the standard installation process and enjoy the game, regardless of place and time.

How to download Pokermatch on iOS

If you own an iOS system – you can install the app either from the App Store by searching for it, or by using the verified file from the official site. To do this, find the PokerMatch website in the Safari browser and click on the "App" tab. Select the "iPhone App" option and download. Then it's all down to the standard steps of installing any program or app.

What games are available through the app?

Using the app for regular play and achievements, all the same games and tournament offerings will be available on the official poker room website. No restrictions, and no inconveniences.

Pros and cons of the Pokermatch app

When reviewing the PokerMatch app, it is important to highlight the following advantages and certain disadvantages, which it also brings with it.

Of the notable pluses:

  • Regular updates ensure that the user gets the perfect, uninterrupted gaming experience on their mobile device. This option allows you to join all available versions of the games without being bound to a place or time, and you can set individual settings via the settings panel.
  • The high-quality interface, crisp graphics and atmospheric soundtrack will stay up to date, even from your smartphone screen.

On the downside, games are only available from the poker room, so you'll still need to use either the mobile or desktop version of the site to play the slots.

Pokermatch app interface

The interface of the PokerMatch app is simple and straightforward. There is a clear categorization of the game tables, with which everyone can quickly find the right one and start playing. Also, convenient in the interface of the application is the personal cabinet tab, where the player can deposit or withdraw the winnings funds. In addition, there are no pop-ups that prevent you from concentrating on the game.

The poker room system uses a browser-based version of the software as the mobile version of the app. It will automatically adjust to the device it is being used on and will change its interface according to the technical requirements of the screen. Such an interchangeable system will help you easily and conveniently select the game tables, manage your own profile and game account, and keep track of your game history.

In addition, the app has an additional tab called "Settings" with all the necessary parameters that will affect the type of interface as well as the internal nuances of the game. It is therefore recommended that users thoroughly explore the full range on offer.

Bonuses for new players

To motivate new and regular players to play in the poker room, the Pokermatch team has developed a special system of bonuses and rewards. That's why the casino has the option of a "new player bonus". This is a certain reward that everyone who comes to the Pokermatch online casino for the first time is entitled to receive. All you need to do is to complete certain actions.

To do this, register and create your account. On the main page, you should find the "Registration" button and fill in all the required fields. Then it is very important to confirm your email, as this will help confirm and fix you as a real Pokermatch player. Lastly, make your first deposit of a minimum of ₹500 with the additionally mentioned bonus code (found on the official PokerMatch website). It is this deposit with the bonus code that will bring 1 out of 12 bonuses. And it's up to you to choose whether it will be an instant or wagering bonus.

The gift bonus can include extra play money, windfall tournament tickets and tournament money. And the size of the gift increases with the bet amount – from $20 (Rs 1,630), from $80 (Rs 6,500), from $200 (Rs 16,250), from $400 (Rs 32,50), from $1,000 (Rs 81,250). Choose your gift size and win the first prizes on the game trail.


How to change the language in the app?

All available interface languages – which are English and Hindi – will be presented on the login screen. It is there that the player can choose in which language they wish to continue activities in the application.

How to deposit an account via the app?

You can cash in your account in the app in the same way as on the official website. Find the "Cashier" tab and select the "Deposit" function. Then choose how much money you want to deposit and how you want to pay, enter your card number or e-wallet number and click top up. The system will process the payment, and in a few seconds, the money will appear on your gaming account.

Are there any bonuses when playing through the app?

Yes, if you don't play through the official website, but through an app, the system will offer you the same bonuses anyway. After all, the bonuses don't depend on where exactly you start your game.

Does PokerMatch have transfers between players?

On the PokerMatch platform, there was an option to transfer money between players, which could be used under the "Payments" and the "Transfer" function. However, on 9 June 2021, the PokerMatch team decided to remove this feature.