Pokermatch bonuses

One of the gambling giants in Europe, Porkermatch, has recently entered the Indian market and has already prepared exclusive offers for new players. To win even more money, use PokerMatch bonuses through promotional updates and promo codes. Find out more about how to claim generous gifts and what other great opportunities await Indian players.


Pokermatch promo codes

PokerMatch values its audience, so it wants to give more fun to the poker room. Therefore, every user has a regular opportunity to get extra PokerMatch bonuses after activating a promo code.

Promo codes are regularly updated, and outdated ones can no longer be applied, but new offers will come immediately to replace them. The gift option may vary, but financial bonuses, free spins, tournament money, etc. are among those on offer.

In order to apply a promotion code, you should open your own Pokermatch account from the app or the official website, find the "Payments" section in the top bar, click on the "Promotion Code" function, enter the promotional code found and click on "apply". Once quickly processed, the system will credit the bonus winnings to your account. The system will not require a deposit, as some promo codes also apply without prior deposit. But you should not confuse promo codes with bonus codes, which can only be applied in conjunction with a deposit. Apply these two codes carefully to receive your gifts.

A promo code is a great way to get small rewards from the game. However, it can only be applied once. Once you apply it again, it won't have any effect.

Where can I find promo codes for Pokermatch?

Active promo codes are regularly emailed to PokerMatch players in the form of a newsletter from the gambling operator. In particular, those players who did not uncheck the 'I agree to receive information by email' box when registering. If you were not subscribed to this newsletter, but after some time you want to do it – it is worth going to the settings of your personal account and changing the appropriate option.

The promo codes are also actively published on the official PokerMatch casino pages: Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch. Players are advised to follow the PokerMatch pages on these social platforms, so as not to miss any news about giveaways or tournament competitions.

Bonus account

For all the fixed rules of the PokerMatch online platform, bonuses are limited to one single account belonging to the individual player with a created, pre-verified account, specified phone number, email, and payout/withdrawal account.

All bonuses or extra offers received at PokerMatch must be used for play only. Paying bonuses without following the rules for their use is not allowed. The customer can find the rules for all bonuses received on the bonus description page.

In addition, it is worth noting that the bonuses accumulated in the account have an expiry date. It is usually shown in the information box of the adverts. If you do not use them before the expiry date, the bonus funds will be deducted from your account.

Wagering bonuses

According to the rules, the wagering (or wager) is a figure indicating the number of bets a player has to make in the game in order to withdraw the bonus received into their account. For PokerMatch Casino system, the such a wager would be x20 of the bonus amount, and for the poker room network, it would be x5 of the possible bonus amount. However, such figures should be checked in the prescribed rules for obtaining bonuses.

How you wager your bonuses is up to you. Options include wagering at the casino, poker or a mix of the two (some at the poker tables and some at the casino).

The wagering process also has some rules that the player must follow. If you have lost the bonus received, but there is still money left in the account from the bonus deposit, then this bonus continues to be active, and you can try to wager it again. The wagering can be refused, and the bonus can be cancelled, in which case all accruals, tickets, etc. received will also be cancelled.

During the wagering process, players can only withdraw the amount that was credited to their account before the bonus was activated. In addition, any winnings the user receives after the bonus has been credited are bonus funds and cannot be withdrawn until the bonus has been fully withdrawn.

Types of bonuses

The PokerMatch online platform has a very wide range of bonuses on offer, with different conditions on how they can be received and used. Below is an overview of the main types of bonus gifts that anyone can receive.

Deposit bonuses

PokerMatch deposit bonuses are very popular with new and experienced poker players alike. To get this bonus, all you have to do is make a certain deposit and enter the right code - it couldn't be easier. These bonuses include PokerMatch's unique '1 in 12' offer, where a new player can choose 1 of 12 first deposit gift bonuses.

There are deposit bonuses available for casino players. By indicating the appropriate bonus code with a deposit of the required limit, it is possible to receive nice gifts. Among them are bonus funds, but with conditions of use or wagering. All such conditions will be spelled out next to the deposit bonus code.


Freespins are free spins worth using in slot games. If you win the appropriate number of freespins, you can use them in the gameplay to earn money for winning the slots.

Freespins can be obtained either as a first deposit bonus or in individual offers, which will arrive in players' emails. The chance of getting free freespins also often comes up when completing simple game-format missions, which are published on the official website under 'Promotions' and 'News', and in competitions sometimes held on the official social media pages.

No deposit bonus

Some varieties of promo codes should be classified as no-deposit bonuses; they do not require a monetary contribution. To do so, you should find an active promo code on the website or pages of official Pokermatch representative offices, open the app and select the "Promo code" function in the "Cashier" tab, enter it and wait for the desired prize. It should be noted that such prize offers will vary depending on the promo code chosen.

Money Monday

Among all the features, Money Monday is the most regular bonus that players can receive at PokerMatch Casino every Monday. To do so, make the appropriate deposit, the limits of which are listed on the official website, activate the appropriate code, and wait for your cash winnings.

Along with the possible winnings amounts, the website also specifies fixed wagering vages. It should also be noted that wagering of these bonus funds is not allowed in sections such as live games, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other similar games.

This bonus code can only be used once and is valid from 00:00 to 23:59 on Mondays.

Let the hard work week begin with pleasant bonuses.


Is it possible to register and get the bonus through the mobile app?

Yes, the PokerMatch app system offers the same range of functionality as the official site. After downloading the app, the system will prompt you to log in to your account or register.

What is account verification?

Account verification is a standard procedure for confirming identity. The PokerMatch team takes great care to protect its customers from fraudsters and unauthorized account activity. In addition, it is possible to withdraw winnings from a verified account and we'll make sure that you receive your winnings. Verification is designed to keep you and your leisure time safe from trouble.

Can I use the bonus for casino betting?

Yes, if you have bonus funds in your gaming account earned from bonus offers at PokerMatch Casino, you will be able to use them for betting in the casino. However, be aware of the nuances of receiving bonus funds.

Is it possible to enter a promotion code after registering?

Yes, the way PokerMatch works is that every player can enter a bonus promo code after the registration process.