Download the Pokermatch app

The Pokermatch Team is committed to providing a quality poker game at all times, no matter where or when. That's why we're telling Indian players what opportunities they can take advantage of by installing the official Pokermatch app.


How to download the Pokermatch app

In order to ensure that everyone can install the Pokermatch app, the developers have done their best to make the process as easy and quick as possible to use.

To download, find the official website and click on the “App” tab. The page will offer 4 installation files – for Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone. Choose the one that suits your needs, go through the standard poker app installation process, and you can start your game in a comfortable and always accessible room.

Settings and functions

There will also be a “Settings” tab on the control panel in the app. Its main purpose is to customize the game as much as possible to suit personal preferences. Among the features on offer, this section contains tabs such as:

"Game History – You can view results for a specific period and for a specific type of poker by selecting the day in the calendar format and the game type in the game format (Hold'em, Omaha, Texas, and others).

“Video history” will help you analyze the hand after watching it again. You should also select the type of game and period you want to review.

“My friends” helps you add and tag your friends for future play sessions and to see which games they play most often.

My Tables and My Tournaments will display a list of your open cash tables and any past registrations for tournaments. And by double-clicking on a selected tournament, you can find out all its characteristics and start times.

The 'Find a player' section provides a search function to find a player by nickname and to see which tables and tournaments a player has played in.

The “Anti-Break Protection" tab and the “Advanced Settings” are responsible for a stable and personalized game. Consequently, in the advanced settings tab, you can select all interface settings for tables, chats, audio and video, animations, hotkeys, layouts, and table themes, as well as pick an avatar and check contribution settings and others.

Set up the whole game in such a way that your time spent in the poker rooms is comfortable and of high quality.

Key features of the Pokermatch app

The key features of the Pokermatch poker app are its logical and organized clarity of functionality. All the offerings are divided into clear categories, so you'll always be able to find the right one. It's also worth mentioning that, as this is an official app from a licensed Pokermatch company, you won't have any problems with updates, as the app will install all updates itself. Therefore, players won't miss out on any new tournaments, promotions offered, or bonus prizes. The user-friendly interface, advanced settings, and the entire arsenal of games will be fully accessible to you anywhere and at any time.

What should I do if I can't download a file from the website?

If you are unable to download a file from the website – we advise you to check whether there is enough space on your computer's hard disk to save all the data from the file. Make sure you have a stable connection to the Internet. If the installation process is interrupted, delete the installed file and start again. You should also give permission to download the file if required by the antivirus system, as it may not allow the file to be downloaded. However, the Pokermatch team assures that the files offered are safe and verified.

Registration bonuses for new players

For Indian players, the Pokermatch team would like to point out straight away that every newcomer will have a nice opportunity to get a gaming 'beginner's bonus. It will be a good foundation for the first steps to poker rooms.

The New Player Bonus accommodates 1 of the 12 prizes on offer – instant and wagering. Which one you choose depends on your wishes.

The scheme to get the bonus is quite easy. After all, it involves registering on the website or in the official Pokermatch app and creating an account. Afterward, it is mandatory to confirm your email. Without it, the system will not be able to provide access to the gift.

The last crucial step is to make your first game deposit into your account. The minimum deposit amount is ₹500. For a larger deposit, the player will gain access to a larger bonus.

How to sign up for the Pokermatch app?

Signing up for the Pokermatch app is as easy and straightforward as signing up on the official website. Open it and find the "Login" or "Register" tab. Choose the appropriate option and enter the information that the Pokermatch app asks for to create your poker account.

The player must then confirm their email, but these are all the basic steps that need to be taken to register with the casino.

Pokermatch customer service

If you find any problems in the system or if you need advice, we advise you to contact our technical team. They are available 24 hours a day and are ready to help you at any time. The only thing is that the problem must be from the appropriate area, otherwise, the technical team will not be able to provide quality assistance.

Contact via Telegram or email [email protected]. Or send an inquiry directly from the website (Contacts tab).

However, please be aware of the rules and do not take advantage of the opportunity to contact the experts. After all, there are many Pokermatch customers around the world, and we want to help everyone quickly and meaningfully. After all, everyone deserves to have access to a cool online game.


If the application can not be installed, what should do?

Check the amount of memory on the hard disk or on the phone memory card. If there is an issue downloading the file from the website – try reopening it. It's also possible that antivirus protections are preventing the file from being installed – we advise you to pause it for a while and run it again. If your internet connection is interrupted while downloading the file – we recommend deleting the file and trying to download it again.

Is it possible to deposit an account using the app?

Yes, the app has the same functionality as the website. You can also top up from the Cashier tab.

How to withdraw money through the app?

To do this, find the 'Cashier' section, select the 'Withdraw' function and specify the amount to be withdrawn. The system will ask you to choose a bank card or an e-wallet – choose the option that is most convenient for you. That's all – after processing, the funds will appear in your current account.

What are the minimum system requirements for a smartphone?

If your smartphone is Android, then the minimum requirements would be an Android 7.0 operating system or higher, around 2 GB of RAM, and any browser you normally use. For owners of Apple smartphones, iOS 13 and the basic Safari browser will be the requirements. We advise downloading the poker app to all Apple versions from iPhone 6S onwards.