Have Only 1 Week in Hand???Learn How to Manage Shifting Perfectly

Until and unless you have time with you, you cannot even imagine that the move will go on well. The most important aspect of move is time. To achieve success in moving process, the first and foremost requirement is time. What will you do when you don’t have this essential feature while making move. What if you have only 1 week to complete the moving process?

Is the thought really haunting you? Might be moving in this much short period of time is a nightmare for you, but you have no other way out to deal with the things. You need to plan even if you are running shortage of time. And, how this is going to happen, we will tell you.

When you have only 1 week in hand and you need to manage the entire moving process, first of all plan and secondly execute each plan well. Below-mentioned is the step by step guide as how you can manage and maintain entire relocation process in a week. If you would be serious in following what is mentioned here, definitely you are going to achieve success in the entire task of relocation.

Step By Step Guide for Moving in a Short Period of Time

This is the step by step guide that will make relocation process easy for you. We are sure you would get a way out to deal with the relocation process within a period of 1 week when you will read the instructions mentioned below.

Decide Whether DIY or Hiring Mover: The first important thing that you need to decide about the move is that, how it is going to happen. There are two ways for you to handle the process. You can either handle the things by own or you can hire packers and movers for the task. If you are compatible enough to manage the requirement of move by yourself, you can do things by own. You need to possess adequate information to handle the moving process or you should approach professionals for shifting. As there is already no time for you to manage the things, we would recommend you to hire packers and movers for shifting task.

Inform Landlord and Utility Companies: A week of time is actually very less period. If you are looking to get things done right then you have to start informing about the move to the people in and around you. Inform your landlord and also inform the utility companies that you are moving. This way, you will simplify the advance or security collection from them which you have deposited earlier.

Get Proper Moving Supplies: You need to have proper packing materials if you wish to end up the things at a positive note. Get proper moving supplies and in this way only the things would be managed well. You can borrow or rent the moving supplies. One thing you always have to remember that any compromise done with moving supply can become compromise done with valuable goods.

Ask Friends for Help: When you are in trouble only your buddies can help you to come out of the things and this is the same when you will get stuck with a last minute move. When there is no way out, call your buddies and they will surely aid you in the same. Ask them and they can do great favours to you. This favour can be in the form of packing help or you can ask them to accompany you in monitoring the work done by the moving companies.

Plan Packing: Packing is essential and hence you need a good planning of the same. Plan the packing accordingly and try to follow what you plan.

Put Aside Items To Be Used During The Tenure: You have 1 week of time in your hand. This means you would be living at the place for 7 long days. While you start packing, ensure you keep the items to be used during the tenure aside. This will save you from the last minute mess.

Keep Aside Items You Don’t Need: Shifting in a hurry does not mean that you would pack each and every item that you have with you. Keep aside the things that you don’t need any more. You can later decide what to do of the things. But, initially keep it away from the other goods that are necessary and that are going to be a part of your new home.

Empty Cupboards, Drawers, etc.: Cupboards, drawers and other places where you keep the necessary items should be cleaned and packed now. Doing this a week before would ensure that no item inside the cupboard is left unpacked.

Pack Essential Box: This is the most essential point. Whether it is a last moment move or you are planning shifting in adequate time, you need to have essential box by your side to manage the shifting process. The essential box will aid you to adjust fast and easily at the new place. Till the time, everything else comes into your routine the essential box would be at your rescue.

The Bottom Line

Complexity in all moves is the same. But, when there is shortage of time, things become even more complicated. If you have a week of time in your hand then you should do the best from your side. A good planning is the only thing that will come in your rescue to manage the complexity of the process. You should always have a plan and ensure that you are following the same. Firstly you need to decide whether you want to have the movers to do the things for you or you wish to do it by own. Setting up the budget of move will help you in deciding the same. Calling your friends to help you in packing is also a great favour that would save your money of course. You should pack the items that would be useful. Packing any unnecessary item is not the way to deal with shifting in a shorter period of time.